Buddha Akshobhya


Buddha Akshobya (who is blue in color) is usually visualized in the center of Dhyani Buddha Mandalas, sometimes he is transferred to the east and Vairochana comes to the center. Many lineages regards Akshobhya as the most important of the Dhyani buddhas because, of the five aggregate of consciosness can be regarded as the most important in our spiritual journey.


Buddha Ratnasambhava

buddha_ratnasambhavaBuddha Ratnasambhava (who is yellow in color) is in the southern direction. The word ratna means, "jewel", and Ratnasambhava can be regarded as the wish-fulfilling jewel. He signifies Dharma transforming pride, miserliness, and avarice into the wisdom of equaniity. His identifying mudra (sacred hand gesture) is the gesture of supreme giving, with his right hand extended downward, palm outward. His left hand rests on his lap, sometimes holding a beautiful jewel. His clan is the Ratna family, so the symbol of Ratnasambhava is the jewel.


Buddha Amitabha

buddha_amitabhaBuddha Amitabha (who is red in color) is in the western direction. Amitabha is the Buddha of Infinite Light, and he represents the Dharma transforming the afflictions of lust and desire into discriminating wisdom. He is thus the Buddha who purifies the delusion of attachment.


Buddha Amoghasiddhi

buddha_amoghasiddhiBuddha Amoghasiddhi (who is green in color) is in the northern direction. This is the tathagata who symbolizes unobstructed success. He is the Buddha of the world of politicians, kings, and ambitious people – those who are perpetually jealous of other, who are competitive to a fault, and whose sole purpose in life is to wind up getting morel more wealth, more success, and more power. When you need to operate in this kind of unscrupulous world, call on this vivid green Buddha.


Buddha Vairochana

buddha_vairochanaBuddha Vairochan (who is white in color) is generally in the eastern realm (although occasionally in the center), and he is knowdn as the great illuminator, the great sun.


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