Heart Mantra of Arya Vairochana

buddha_vairochanaJust by reciting this mantra one receives success and cannot be harmed by weapons, fire, water, poisons, substances mixed with poisons, or black magic.


Mantra to Green Tara

greentaraThe Green Tara mantra can be recited to remove obstacles, fears and worries. Tara works swiftly to assist you! Chant one mala of this mantra each morning and each night. Turn to Mother Tara when you feel a need of comfort; when you feel depressed or when you want some project to succeed.  This mantra will lift your spirits instantly.


Mantra to Medicine Buddha

medicinebuddhaChanting the Medicine Buddha’s mantra is incredibly beneficial when praying for someone who is ill, who is suffering from a terminal disease or who may be dying. If you are the one who is ill, chant one mala of  the Medicine Buddha’s mantra (108 times) once in the morning and once in the evening. For someone ill, recite mantras into a tape & play continouly in the room where he/she is resting.


Mantra to Shakyamuni Buddha

shakyamuniAs you chant this mantra, visualize millions of golden light rays emanating from the Buddha’s holy body and entering your body through the crown of your head. This brings you a mountain of blessings that purifies eons of negative karma. And if you like you can also add the following mantra which causes the wisdom mind to develop.


Mantra to White Umbrella Goddess - Buddha of Protection

whiteumbrellaThe name Ushnisha Sitatapatra translates as "The Victorious White Parasol." She is known as the White Umbrella Goddess who saves us from all harm. Her parasol symbolizes protection from natural catastrophes, diseases, spirit harm and all forms of misfortune. Ushnisha Sitatapatra is a female form of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. She has a thousand eyes that watch over living beings, and a thousand arms that protect and assist them. Chanting her mantra invokes extremely powerful protection.


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