Light Offering Prayer

One can recite this prayer when making an individual light offering, or in the context of the Extensive Offering Practice. After lighting a candle, a butter lamp, or any form of light, this prayer can be recited in conjunction with the visualization describe below.

May the light of the lamp be equal to the great three thousand worlds
and their environments,
May the wick of the lamp be equal to the king of mountains – Mount Meru.
May the butter be equal to the infinite ocean.
May there be billions of trillions of lamps in the presence of each and every Buddha.

May the light illuminate the darkness of ignorance of all sentient beings
From the peak of samsara down to the most torturous hell,
Whereby they can see directly and clearly all the ten directions’ Buddhas and bodhisattvas and their pure lands.


I offer these beautifully exalted clear and luminous lights
To the thousand buddhas of the fortunate eon,
To all the buddhas and bodhisattvas of the infinite pure lands
and of the ten directions,
To all the gurus, meditation deities, dakas, dakinis, dharma protectors, and the assembly of deities of all mandalas.

Due this, may my father, mother, and all sentient beings in this life
and in all their future lives,
Be able to see directly the actual pure lands of the complete and perfect buddhas,
May they unify with Buddha Amitabha in inseparable oneness,
Please bless me and may my prayers be actualized as soon as possible,
Due to the power of the truth of the Triple Gem and the assembly of deities of the three roots.


(recite 7x)

The light transforms into single
brilliant five-color wisdom.
On a lotus and moon disk the syllables
OM and DHI appear.
From them, one hundred and eight beautiful
goddesses of light, the Goddesses
appear wearing beautiful garments
and precious garlands.
Every goddess holds lights in her hands
and from them emanate billions of trillions
of infinite replicas of light-offering goddesses.
All of them make light offerings
uninterruptedly to all the Buddhas
in the Buddha-fields throughout all of space and to the peaceful and wrathful deities.

Thus, due to the merits of having made
such a light offering
May all the benefactors, the deceased
and migrating being of the six realms benefit;
May all their degenerated samaya and
broken vows be restored;
May all their superstitious obstructions be purified;
May all their bad karma, negatives, and
obstructions be purified;
May the three realms of samsara
become empty immediately.
Please grant control, power, and realization.

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